October 8th, 2008

who doesn't like pie?, blueberry pie: its what's for dinner

Food glorious food, so yummy and scrumptious!

All I'll say about the debate last night is that choosing "my friends" as the repeated phrase to require a drink was a stupid idea. Fortunately, I'm 48% liver, so I made it through unscathed. [ETA: haha it appears he said "my friends" 24 times last night. WOW. Wait, I do want to say this: neither candidate said enough about what SPECIFICALLY they plan on doing to help the common man (read: almost all of us schleps) get out of this crisis, but Obama was the only one that actually used language that made it clear he understood the breadth of it. McCain really doesn't understand economics, and THAT is why no one should vote for him. Among other reasons, like him calling the Vietnamese the "g" word, him taking funds from Warren Jeffs for years, and other reasons too numerous to mention.

Seriously. Vote for economic understanding if nothing else. McCain really really doesn't understand it, period. (Although my friend solipsae had the funniest comment of the night: "McCain's approximation of laughter is how I imagine Cthuhlu to sound when he's breathing." Hahahaha.)

Now! *hand clap* I have recipes I've been meaning to record. Veggie dishes, desserts, and a lovely pumpkin soup, under the cut. (read: I have loads of zucchini, pumpkins, tomatoes and basil in my garden, and here's how I'm using them up. *G*) Also, I'm going to start recording new wines I'm trying out, because I like being pretentious. Or rather, I want to further my alcoholic tendencies with a record of what worked. :) Collapse )

Oh my god, I'm so hungry right now. I hate that I have to wait until Sunday to hit the farmer's market for more food... On the plus side: my house is smelling goooood since I've set out two pans of bread for baking off, plus a clutch of roses are brightening up my counter. *is content*
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Crap. Sorry about the multi posts, but I forgot stuff!

#1, Lifetime TV (ahahahaha) has a made for TV movie about polygamy on tonight, BWEEE!!! Oh, I shall roll in it, all of the cheesy, overwrought wangst of it all. It comes on at 9/8pm E/C and has Richard Burgi, who I think is janedavitt's TV boyfriend.

#2, I'm watching S2 of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and laughing my butt off. Oh, the shame squick is high on this one, but they're all such horribly awful people, that it becomes delightful when they get their comeuppance. Also, the lead in to the episode title card never fails to make me laugh out loud.

If anyone knows of any comms for that fandom help a girl out, would ya? Fic, icons, whatever. :)
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