October 9th, 2008

LETS TANGO!  [_tayler]


1. I just got a solid 8 comments that are obviously spam to the Sparkledammerung posts, but not to the post, just to random comments there. If you commented on those posts, and you get something weird, feel free to ignore it. I'm marking them as spam every time they come in.

2. I just deleted a huge rant that would have pissed a lot of you off. You're welcome. :D

3. I am going to sit on a patio today with the Mr. and have a glass of vino and something delicious to eat because I walked 15 miles today (still at a 10mph pace, aww yeah!) and the very center of the back of my thigh, right where it meets my tush is freaking sore as hell and I deserve some kind of reward.

4. Adam Jones is about to get a serious smackdown from the whole team for his foolishness last night. Good lord, Pacman, you just got reinstated to the NFL! Douche nozzle.

5. Thanks again to those of you that have made donations to my 3 Day fundraising. Next week I'll get a poll going for you to submit names that you'd like me to carry to the finish line. :)

(and the link goes to my walking partner as she's finding that her company won't let her mention the 3 Day or get any donations from co-workers, yet they allow the other workers to have Pampered Chef parties AT WORK, as well as a co-worker selling Mary Kay at her cubicle, and another co-worker soliciting folks to join their lunch-time Bible study. Again, AT WORK. But raising money for breast cancer? Absolutely not! WTF?)