October 10th, 2008

Shark Week! [iconzicons]


Guys, I just got up. Thank goodness The Boy doesn't have early morning cross country on Fridays, or I'd be in Horrible Mother zone. I guess I was a hell of a lot more tired after this week than I realized. (Um, the Mr. came home last nigh from a business trip, so we don't have a repeat of "nutella in a bag" for lunch, or something. I think. At least I know everyone bathed last night...)

I'm all out of sorts and zombiefied (sans a liking for braaaaaains) so I want to do a random poll. --O-- (I'm too tired to put my arms all the way up.)
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lynnenne is in town on business so we're hanging out tonight with tequila, good food, and loads of smart and funny conversation, because Lynne is awesome. So I've got that going for me, which is nice. *streeeeeeetch*

[eta] All the nos to Writercon are making me sad in my heart-meat.