October 13th, 2008



True Blood on HBO: hate. Hate hate hate hate. Collapse )

Yes, I'm in a bad mood. Partly because of bad TV and partly because of something someone said to me recently that STILL has me rankled. I'm lacing up my shoes for a 15 miler today, and my hope is that will pound the ugly out of me, because I do NOT like being in a bad mood. BAH.
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Okay, this has gone beyond my meager capabilities. I have a video clip, it's a .vob file. I have VLC player. I want to take a portion of the .vob file and rip a song in that time stamp, so I have an .mp3 of it. Follow me?

I have searched high and low and have used all sorts of tips I've found, but I just get an "access" file that is almost a gig, the size of the original .vob file.

I have the time stamps and the chapter info (chpt 9, time 0:57:02 to 0:58:29) but I can't get the song to rip. Can anyone help a sistah out? Should I just not use VLC then? Help me flist, you're my only hope.

GOT IT! MPEG_Streamclip was the all in one solution. YAY!! Thanks to soundingsea for the solution.

And in keeping with the theme: dammit, mom, I've got my headgear on!