October 16th, 2008

BSGian Rhapsody [prettybutt]

Last night's debate (brief) and happiness to warm your heart.

Dear McCain: if you insist, as your running mate does, on using her special needs child as a prop, could you at LEAST get it right? Her son has DOWN'S SYNDROME. Vastly different from AUTISM.

His statement (that evidently went under the radar) on how he wants to CHANGE OUR CULTURE in this convo about Roe v. Wade scared the ever loving piss out of me. Did anyone else catch that?? incidentally, and you don't have to take my word for it, you can check with the Center for Disease Control (the stats the Dems use) and the Guttmacher Institute (who the Repubs use) abortion rates were visibly lower with Democratic presidents vs. Republican presidents. (Studies lean towards better access to health care and education during those Dem presidencies.) So if you're Pro-Life, you might think about the two opponent's health care plans and economic policies, as those two go hand in hand.

You'll notice that there's a jump in the Carter Administration: this is after it has been made legal, so it follows that there would be more that are reported instead of the back door butcher jobs that were common among women of little affluence. Also important to note is that during the current administration, fewer doctors are providing abortions, so I'm waiting for people to recognize that THAT is a contributing factor to the decrease in numbers during Dubya's tenure. Also important to note that the minor discrepancies between the two reports are this: CDC gets data sent to them for compilation and the Guttmacher institute contacts abortion clinics directly. They mirror each other, if off by numbers. (Meaning: their graphs are parallel.)

POSITIVE THINGS: each one of these pictures makes me so happy my heart (and ovaries) are near bursting. The picture with Obama shaking the young man's hand while touching his head? GAAAH! <3

Remember that before there was the Carlton dance, Alfonso Ribeiro was a breakdancer? HAHAHA! (And that song in the background at the end... "I'm....in...heeeeeaven....with my boyfriend. My laughing boyfriend!" What the hell is the name of that Genius of Love by the Tom Tom Club, I just remembered!! Do you have an mp3 of it that you will share with me???) Got it! (In comments if you want it, too)