October 17th, 2008



So, I'm heading out for an audition, which is fine, but I'm auditioning for the part of someone in their 40s (I just turned 36 and look younger, no, really) and I'm supposed to play someone that's unhealthy enough to be dying. (It's actually a funny commercial.)

The underlying message: I look overweight. TV overweight. Guys, I'm 135 pounds and a size 8, five foot six.

...I'm remembering why I quit the acting biz in my early 20s. Hmm. This is the part of acting I hate. You know, the stuff that has NOTHING to do with acting and how's it's really all about you looking a certain way? Bah.

[ETA] Please know that I'm not complaining about MYSELF, but being bothered with the ideal that someone of my physical stature/health/measurements is what constitutes "unhealthy and large." I'm really happy with myself, so....