October 23rd, 2008

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Please come massage my thighs. Take that however you want.

18 miles today. 10 min. mile pace. I timed it so I'd be back at my house at the 12 mile mark so I could take Sally Derg on the last 6 miles. 15 schnitzengreuben's 7 miles is her limit. :) When she saw that I had come back she was all sad faces because she knew I was walking without her, then I grabbed her leash and she crawled towards me with her front paws then wriggled against my leg to make me laugh. Why are dogs so rad?

I have pictures that are making me a) laugh and/or b) happy under the cut. Collapse )

NaNoWriMo: who's doing it? I'm signing up later today, and I plan on using it to finish up "Oh My Heck" (which, cough, I started last NaNo...) and maybe writing a full-length story I've had sketched out for about five years now... It'll feel good to have a goal.

Oooh, I made the chicken and dumpling recipe from yesterday for last night's dinner and I added some Parmesan cheese to the dumpling batter and that is a happy flavor explosion in my mouth, let me tell you. I have leftovers for lunch in a bit. *pats tummy*

[ETA] I meant to add this link earlier: a wine search engine! Know the region and year but not the name? Or any other combo? Chances are they have it, with a picture of the label, too! I've found a few that I couldn't remember the name, just the region and sundries. YAY!