October 27th, 2008

using the gifts god gave me [iconomicon]


Things Of Awesomeness:
  • my Under Armor shirt for exercise (I bailed out at 16 miles because when I left [in shorts, long-sleeved under armor shirt, and a ball-cap] it was 46 degrees and I figured it would warm up as it usually does. Because, hey, I'm in Texas. Guess what? It didn't warm up, just got windier. Reports of 40 mph winds. My ears are a little chapped and chilled. So. Bailed out at 16 miles because HOLY CRAP I AM COLD.)
  • coming back home, chilled and stiff, and the Mr. has made buckwheat pancakes and bacon for me. <3
  • a lovely random friendsfriends reader that made a $25 donation to my 3-Day efforts! I mean, how awesome is that?
  • the big steamy pot of tomato-basil soup that we will feast on today (the kids have no school) and the grilled cheese sammiches for dipping into said soup, made from homemade bread. (Today is bread day!)
  • today is BREAD DAY. Who doesn't love the smell of fresh baked bread??
  • I may need to make sugar cookies, too - another thing of \o/
  • being almost finished with everyone's Halloween costumes. Wrapping up Plankton today. Hee.
  • The kick butt human shape the Mr. made out of chicken wire, waiting to be wrapped in spider webs and embedded in the webbing on the front porch
  • the absolute joy I now get from watching the utter train wreck that is True Blood. I mean, honestly. I spend more time shrieking NO NO NO!! and covering my face than anything else. It's moving into fantastically bad!fic territory, and you should know by now how much I love craptastic fic.
  • I also love GOOD fic, like the Entourage fic ethrosdemon wrote. A thing of man-child slashy beauty.

And lastly, the CRAZY SWEDISH SINGING on this video of a kitty snorgling her pony. I laugh so hard every time... When the singing gets frantic and loud? AHAHAHAHA. I love it. People can be awesome.

I have officially abused the word awesome in this post. *pins gold star on shirt*

[ETA] I forgot to mention the fabulous wine I had this weekend! It's a Rothschild bordeaux, but they've leased out rows in their vineyards to upstarts, so it's a fraction of the cost, even though it's the same wine. Chateau Paradis Casseuil, Lafite, 2006 Bordeaux. YUM. Definitely benefits from being uncorked and allowed to breathe for a half hour - my second glass was better than the first, in other words.

My sister and I shared a bottle of Australian shiraz (I'm just meh on them, she looooves them.) We split a bottle of Koonunga Hill Shiraz Cabernet, and it was quite good. I wasn't expecting to like it, so that was a bonus. V v drinkable, and well under 10 bucks, so that's nice!
Lynette the Vampire Slayer

Sorry for the double post, but COOOOOOOOL!!

bu_doodlebug, who was the principal photog on the set of Blood on the Highway, informed me that our movie (specifically, the AWESOME picture she took) is on THE FRONT COVER OF VARIETY MAGAZINE.

Pretty flipping sweet. (It's balm to my wounded soul that I'm not at the Hollywood Film Festival with everyone else in the freaking cast. If I had known it was such a big event, I would have gone. [/sour])

But yeah. Cover of Variety? Being called "noteworthy" by the guy who wrote the article about all the movies? COOL BEANS, PEEPS. (Name droppage is as rare as hen's teeth.)