October 31st, 2008

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[Note from me: I am not interested in debating the best way to raise awareness to breast cancer. I am not interested in negative opinions on how to check yourself, who should be checked, which age group is unfairly targeted, what other diseases don't get enough of a spot light on them. I am interested, however, in helping people, and right now, I'm focused on a specific cancer. See, I put my money where my mouth is, so to speak. All I care about is that more people stay healthy, get healthy, or have the chance to live another day to get healthy. If you have differing opinions or just feel a knee-jerk reaction to wanting to nit-pick or say something on your own, take it to your own place. This is my personal journal, not a community. And I thank you! *G*]

October 31rst! Last day of the Pink Ribbon month, and less than one week before the 3-Day here in my city! (If you'd live near Tampa Bay, FL and would like to know how to help cheer their walkers on this weekend, please go to crevette's LJ and read about cheering station locations here.)

Guys, I am only $450 off my goal, I've reached my goal, in great part to your support!!! My walking partner, Chrissy, is still $300 shy! Some of you have been so generous (and one of you has absolutely brought me to tears with the overwhelming donation made.) I can't thank you enough. I know that there have been a few that needed to put off making a donation until the end of the month, and maybe some of you have been on the fence about donating.

Remember: every single penny given will go directly to the fight! Nothing goes to pay for an administrator. Nothing goes to pay for stickers or pamphlets or corporate lunches, every single penny goes to the fight. 85% to individual treatment costs and 15% to fund research. I'm paying my own way: food, tents, beverages, band aids, motrin... Every walker and volunteer pays for the privilege to be involved. I'm paying in sore hips and shin splints, too, oy. It's worth it, though!

Let me put these links out here: My donation page, my walking partner's donation page. It doesn't matter who you donate to, it's the donation that counts!

Time is running out: I have less than one week to get us both up to our goals of $2200, or I'm footing the bill for the difference. Mind, I will gladly do it, but don't you want to be a part of this amazing event? *G*

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Don't forget to go to this post to give me names of loved ones you'd like for me to carry to the end of this journey!

And finally, in the words of Rod and Tod Flanders, "I've got the Joy Joy Joy Joy down in my heart! [Where?] Down in my heart! [Where?] Down in my heart!" Have a fabulous and safe Halloween, for those celebrating, and I'll have loads of picspam for you next week. DIG DEEP AND GIVE!!! <3 <3 <3