November 17th, 2008

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Today is a brand new day with no mistakes in it.

(That subject heading is for femmenerd and lettered and I think I officially need to go to the store and buy a DVD of Anne of Green Gables, because honestly! Why don't I have that on DVD? Scandalous!) Happy birthday to thefourthvine and savoytruffle! May this new year be filled with more love than the last.

Oh, I had such a great weekend with southernbangel. True facts: She's 10 feet tall, she can eat an entire ham while on a unicycle, she can recite all of Proust while drinking a glass of water, and she's an absolutely fabulous house guest, if a little too polite for her own good. ;) If you guessed that I fell asleep a few times because I'm lame, then you're a freaking stalker who obviously spied on us. In my defense: I did a 60 mile walk just days before and hadn't fully recovered, we drank several bottles of wine, and it was midnight. (I'm old - I'm all impressed now when I stay up after 11.) She continues on her plan to convince my husband that all women should know every minute detail about every football team ever. Last night as we were watching the Cowboys (I do NOT want to hear it, seriously. I'm so heartbroken over my team, and they finally limped back. Shut it, haters) and when I couldn't name the player that hit another random player in a game two years ago, he asked me to get Lee on the phone. (Lee doesn't even watch the NFL.) I'm being outsourced!

I started up on some crochet projects this weekend, and they are turning out cute. One is a scarf for the BFF that is Tim Burton-inspired. (Meaning: black and white stripes with a random shot of color here and there.) Damn, I wish I knew how to knit. I need someone to sit with me and hold my hands to get me started. I can't learn that stuff from books. Oooh, does anyone know of a website that has videos of knitting techniques, like the crochet site I linked to last year? That would be super.

I'm about to take my kitchen apart and re-arrange the shelves. I wish I had a professional organizer - I want compartments and drawers and cubbies for everything. Yes, I went to Ikea this weekend, and now I have a sickness. (All of their cabinets and drawers have anti-slam features!!! Ooooh, how I want.)

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I cannot stress how happy I am that Twilight the movie is almost here. AHAHAHAHA, hoooooo, that is going to be such fun crap! I can't wait to see it and mock. *fist pump* I've been getting linked all over the place for my LDS Sparkledammerung series, which is v v cool, but understand that I'm not always able to reply to every comment. No offense meant, I just don't have all the free time in the world, that's all. (And I'm seriously behind on my NaNoWriMo count, argh!!)

Now watch me contradict myself by writing more True Blood/Twilight crap dialogue fic. \o/

[ETA] sorry for the broken tag, and I hope I didn't spoil anyone... Mea culpa!
This post is random, and all over the place. One last thing: does anyone have a really good quality pumpkin pie/dessert recipe that is elegant? Meaning, I don't want a pie that looks like a standard issue pumpkin pie. Anyone?
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I know, it's spam, but for recording purposes...

I know that not everyone that reads this LJ reads my Mormon blog (0hmyheck, but for those wanting some information/more insight into the recent travesty that is the passing of Prop 8 and the Mormon Church connection, I posted about that very thing here and also here, including links to the Church's original plan to stump this back in 1997.

In case you're new, I'm a former devout Mormon from one of the oldest Mormon families, a former Gospel Doctrine teacher (for three years) and I'm sorry if you're LDS and thinking I'm attacking you. I'm attacking the religion, not people. The passing of Prop 8 is an absolute travesty. Walk in someone else's shoes, would ya? *dives back into NaNo*