November 21st, 2008

sparkle motion [by whom?]


I have nine pages to write up. Oh my god. This is a placeholder, I'll add all my "notes" under a cut once I've got them all figured out. The AUDIENCE, good lord. The movie: eh. The audience? Had to have been nothing but Twi-moms.

This is just my typing from my notes, there aren't any photoshopped macros. I will say, though, that the ones I made for the books will still apply to the movie. As in, some of the pictures/people I chose look A LOT like imagery in the movie, which I find hilarious. :D

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...they are making #2, right? How the hell are they going to do the blank pages? Hahahaha, my money is on the screen going dark. For like, three minutes. Then they'll do that fade in with noises like when a scene has someone waking up from a coma, and the screen will be blurry and then focus and we'll be informed that four months have passed. Let's start a betting pool! :D

[ETA] Forgot to mention that I stood in line for tickets behind some giggling women, and when I got there, I asked the tall, pimpled teen forced to work on this most horrible of days for "One for Trainwreck." And he laughed and got my ticket without me saying any more. :D

[ETA 2]; From this interview with SMeyers on her input with the movie: "I didn’t want to get in the way and make it worse" !!! Ahahaha! Watch it, you're digging your hole deeper!