November 22nd, 2008


NO ME GUSTA!!! Teekay 421, why are you not at your post!?

Movies are failing my LIFE lately. So.... Han Solo was a FURRY?? George Lucas, why do you hurt me so?! WHY? I must say, the comments are pretty lulzy:

"His Wife? A Wookiee."
"Wookiee Nookie" (I did it all for the Wookiee [what?] The Wookiee [what?] So you can take that cookie and stick it up your [ass!]...)"

Questions this inevitably raises: is CHEWIE the wife? How did Chewie feel about Leia, then? Were there three-ways off screen? Why do I have to go here, George? Why must you constantly ruin my childhood?! Han Solo, HE SHOT FIRST. Into a Wookiee. (Tension breaker, had to be done.)

Now, though, I'm wanting to re-read the Horse-wife wank and head desk all over again... Another comment of haha but sorrow: "We now need someone to rape a whale to top this crazy." Oh, please. Christmas is coming soon...

~this post is neither paid for nor endorsed by the "Change the meaning of Humpback in Humpback Whale" Constituency

The Internet ruined me, y'all. When you're mentally correcting people's spelling of Wookiee (two ee's, please) you have no hope for ever being considered cool. *loses the game of life* Wait, wait, people nerdier than me. Okay, I'm not at the bottom of the Geek Flow Chart, whew!