November 24th, 2008


Now THAT is how I like to have a Monday.

1. I have an audition today, I'm sure I won't get it, but I'm finding them to be fun to go on, so eh. (I'm going to follow up every audition with "Do you need this to be more Spader?" And do my James Spader from "Pretty in Pink" impression. I don't know WHY I'm not getting these commercials... Ahaha. Ha. Hem.)
2. I got an email from the director of my second movie that said he mentioned my name to another director to star in a his new movie. UM, OKAY. YES, PLEASE.
3. My husband's been gone all weekend, swapping out the kids on an extended camp weekend, and has decided to keep that up until Wed. night. I love having my bed all to myself, it must be said.
4. Someone has apparently WRITTEN THEIR MASTER THESIS ON MORMONISM IN TWILIGHT. (pdf) So, please. All haters to the left, because I clearly knew what I was talking about, hahaha. [/vindication] I've only skimmed it, I've not read it. But believe me, I will be later.
5. A movie that I think every person who is into vampires/ can handle gore/ can handle a brutal look at adolescent behavior needs to see is Let The Right One In. It's Swedish, and it's absolutely phenomenal.

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6. I made pumpkin spice cupcakes yesterday with cinnamon cream cheese frosting. I have found my Thanksgiving dessert! (I stole the idea from a Food TV show - I'll make fancy flower caramel cutouts to decorate the frosting on the actual turkey day.)

I love vacation weeks. *beams*
Lynette the Vampire Slayer

double post, I know, but I have to record this, it's just too funny

okay, so earlier I mentioned that I had an audition today. I get there, do my bit, and they ask me if I can now translate it into Spanish.

"Um, no? I cannot translate legalese, I'm so sorry."
"Can you just say a little something in Spanish then, so we can hear you?"
"Sure... Quien es mas macho, Ricardo Montalban o Erik Estrada? Para vente puntos, este pregunta: Quien es macho?"

They crack up (which is good) and I bend over to pick up my things from the floor. The cameraman hollers out, "You were in Blood on the Highway!" AHAHAHA. I'm happy you recognized me from my ass. One of the girls is cracking up and explains to the other ladies that I played the "whore" in the movie. I would like to state for the record that my ass is currently 4 sizes smaller than in the movie, I thank you. Also, that's pretty funny.

I had an attitude of "Eff it" today instead of working myself up with nerves. Watch me get this one. *eye roll* Oh, and because it was an industrial, I had two improvs that prepared, just in case:

"Hi, I'm Troy McClure. You may remember me from such Industrials as 'Sexual Harassment: When the rug doesn't match the drapes' and 'I've Set My Apartment On Fire, Now What? A five step 'Get Rich Quick' program!' "

;) It's continuing to be a great Monday.