December 3rd, 2008

Dwight misses Jim [vertical_leap]

I feel the need to gripe about this financial bailout

First off, if people have to suck it up, if we have to learn that we've spent too much, that we can't have what we want, gird up our loins if you will (and you will), then why in the hell aren't the automakers having to do it, too?

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In happier news, I watched a (new to me) show called "The It Crowd" and laughed my butt off. I need to get my hands on all the eps, now. "When did the English start drinking like that? You drink like you don't want to live!" Hahahaha! Hilarious.

Yesterday I got a call from an old friend from high school that was back in town for the holidays. We had lunch and hung out all day and it was fantastic to remember being dorks on her trampoline in 8th grade. Good times!

Ugh, I need to do chores. I'll pay you a dollar salary to come take over? ;)
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