December 9th, 2008

Nice Girls Don't Poop!

If I was Snoop's wife, he'd call me Boss Lady

Let's just say that when I threaten, things get done. I'm talking wife swappin', H.I. about my full night's sleep last night with nary a snuffle, a wheeze, not a solitary soft palate rumble from the Mr. To the point where I overslept and didn't get up until 7:40. (I'm up at 6, normally.) What I'm not doing right now is complaining.

Oh, I meant to link to this yesterday, but with one thing and another, I didn't. For those of you that like RPF (and given the amount I've written back in the day, I will not judge you.) there's a newsletter for all your RPF needs, the appropriately titled handbasketnews. Incidentally, I don't want to hear about your moral repugnance to RPF. You don't need to feel like I need to know all about how that's the ONLY stuff you like to read, either. Like clean air, Coke Zero, and nuns, it just exists whether or not you approve or disapprove, you know'm sayin? The comm is run by some ladies that know good fic, I will say, so you'll find a plethora of well-written fics.

I wanna change gears, though, and offer a poll, a poll of such importance, you will hurt my feelings if you don't take it. I call it the "Do you poot while getting a massage?" poll. Collapse )

Today I hope to get my whole bathroom repainted. A few years ago I ripped off all the original vinyl wallpaper (VINYL WALLPAPER. Let that sink in for a minute. Okay, keep reading) that was teal and pink and GOLD (what where they thinking??) and painted the bathroom a lovely, earthy green. I'm into earthy, spicy colors. Except for how I'm not anymore. Cool, cool, sleek, and blue, that's what I want now. Also, the earthy green has just enough yellow in it that it's REALLY unattractive when looking in a mirror. (First person to say that's not the wall color, that's the person in the mirror gets a thump.) I've got this really pretty frosty blue (a deeper Tiffany blue, but not as blue as a bluebonnet. I'll post pictures.) I've got dark wood accents, and white trim in there, with some tan to boot. Pretty. One day we'll rip out the ugly cabinets and the stupid shower that was poorly built and I'll have something like these: check out these waterfall bathtubs!! I like the last one the best. Or these vanities! Everything in our bedroom is wall mounted now, with the exception of our bed. I LOVE it. Vacuuming under furniture? Awesome. (I have four pets.) The top one is also gorgeous. Mmm, wood grain. Check out this shower! With the exception of the stool, I love everything in there.

In completely unrelated news, I watched Eastern Promises this weekend. Viggo Mortenson continues to amaze me both as an actor, and as a woman. Good god, that man makes me tingly in my naughty no nos. He needs to be a greasy Russian mob man covered in tattoos all the time, Y/Y?