December 15th, 2008

Texas, the stars at night are big and bright, y'all come back now y'here?

NOOOOOO! And YAAAAAAAY! (I'm a woman of extremes.)

Facebook. Love it, hate it, whatever, but I've found some old friends from high school and I quite like that. (All of my old Mormon buds that keep trying to get me back in the fold? Not so much. I digress.) Old h.s. friends. On Saturday, I got a friend request from my very first boyfriend of all time, the one that broke up with me after several months of dating because I wouldn't let him finger bang me, ahahaha. I mean, I wouldn't give him my flower. (I WAS SO LAME, zomg.) Anyhoodle, he was a very pretty boy and we'd go to his house and make out to Charlie Parker records (records! We were old school even when CDs were available.) and sometimes I would lean against the door frame of his bathroom and watch him shave (he was very much a show off at 17, heee) and good hell, I just loved making out with him right after that. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

He now looks like an old podiatrist cum east coast professor and I am SO SAD. Full face beard. Like, multiple inches in length. And since he's Jewish, he can't use the "I'm playing Santa this year" excuse. Noooo! Imagine Morrissey with a Grizzly Adams face cover. *cries* Thank god the other boyfriend (in pic 2 in that link up there) is still gorgeous. My poor fantasies of being 17 have been RUINED partially. Haha. Ahem. Now I have to change my tag to reflect the lack of hotness of some men. Bah.

Friends. Love them, hate them and they're not your friends. (I was working on continuity, sorry.) I decided that I needed a break before dealing with my family (not my kids family, but kind of) so I am loading up my car and driving to Birmingham to see my therapist to visit with marenfic because I've not been able to hang with her in MONTHS. That is unacceptable as she is awesome. We're going to have southernbangel over for a slumber party this week, so that will be fantastic.

In other words, communication will be spotty, but I'll be happy, and what do you have against that? Good lord, you're selfish. Not you, you know who you are. But you? The one that wants me miserable? You'll have to wish for something else this Chrismukkahwanzamas, sucker.

Have a fabulous Monday!