January 26th, 2009

Peony Stoney

Reading on a cold day

To make up for the book autopsies (I don't really apologize for that, but I needed a segue...) here is a link that takes you to the most comprehensive list (and pictures!) of the world's most beautiful and intricate libraries. Clear some space, it'll take you a while to go through them all, if you've not seen this before. Oh, so lovely. I loved the chained books in one of the older places. That web blog, Curious Expeditions, is one of my favorite places to visit online. Part Steampunk, part travelogue, this couple posts some of the more thoughtful and through provoking posts you'll find. This link in particular strikes my fancy - it's a flickr set from a museum in Austria that made all of the creatures out of blown glass, instead of traditional taxidermy. Outstanding.

I still think Jay Walker's personal library is one of the most amazing in the world, simply because he has things like Sputnik in it. The actual Sputnik.

Today is Chinese New Year! Happy Year of the Ox! Here's what the kids and I are eating (so far) tonight: Collapse )

I am FREEZING today. Yesterday I tried to race ahead of a cold front and get my onions and potatoes in, which resulted in me spending about 8 hours cleaning up the garden and adding an additional 600 pounds of compost. I'm so sore and my hands are beat to hell. This morning I didn't help things by attempting to go walk in sleet (dumb) so I have hot coffee, my Kindle (reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Anyone checked that out?) and a warm bed. I think I'll spend most of my morning there. Brr.

Oh, one last thing! Everyone's picking up on this in Big Love: "Kansas" is the YFZ ranch in Texas? I snort every time they say the Kansas compound. Ha.