July 10th, 2009

Shark Week! [iconzicons]

Friday, yay!

1. I'm going to take the kids to the beach, to Birmingham for the Civil Rights museums, and to the BFFs for a fun vacation late next week, YAY. I am definitely needing a change of scenery for a bit - my walls are closing in!
2. I'm getting a 90 minute massage at lunch!
4. I just pre-ordered this AMAZING sounding book! (And this hilariously awesome YA novel written by an online friend - can't wait!)
5. I finally got an idea for something to write (something silly for the blog) and I was up until 2 am sussing it out. In that "Yay, I have an idea!" way. It may or may not involve Letter of Complaint from Edward Cullen to the vampires of Fangtastia. Lol.
6. FRIDAY. Calories don't count on a Friday! Lol.

Have a great weekend, everyone.
Booyakasha! [_tayler]

Just back from seeing Bruno

1. Oh man, how he is not dead is beyond me.
2. I still love SBC.
3. I am completely amused at the audience surrounding me consisting of wall to wall frat boy.
4. And how silent it got during the very very VERY gay movie.
5. And I wonder how many will experiment tonight. :)

Funny. SO. FUNNY. And awful. And squirmy. And hilarious. Again: how he has not been killed by a mob s astounding. Run, don't walk, etc. etc.
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