February 22nd, 2010

brad says its bongerno

A little Big Love musing and a biscuit recipe that is outstanding

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I made a "cream biscuit" recipe last night to go with our stew, and holy smokes was it easy and crazy delicious. I'm trying to teach the kids how to make some basics that are straightforward and simple, and this fits the bill. I do have some notes that I've added to the original recipe.

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We're going to attempt this pastry cream today. We might just have to eat it with a spoon, who knows. :)

And because it's so damn quotable, and also because I can't stop hollering out "Karate Chop noise!" and "We will fricassee they honkey asses!" I give you the Black Dynamite Quote Engine. I said, can you dig it? Yeah, I can dig it. Stick with me, baby, I'll have you farting through silk. (LOL.)

Use kung fu when he wants, has sex when he please! DYNOMITE!

Coin project!

Sorry for the double posting, but I wanted to update this for those following along.

I just got a piece of mail from Antarctica, the science outpost. It's a coin that, according to the person that sent it [30toseoul], "only people who work here get" and the letter was the very last piece of mail to leave the continent as they're shutting down for winter...until OCTOBER. Dude.

SO COOL. Pictures etc. to follow tomorrow. ALL SEVEN CONTINENTS REPRESENTED NOW!!