December 2nd, 2010

brad says its bongerno

Minor Fail + Awesome Recipe

I met a friend for lunch today and right as we were ordering, the school called her with a sick kid, so she left. I love sitting alone with NOTHING TO DO at a restaurant. Except for how I looked pathetic on my iPhone. Durr with a side of HURR. I packed up my order and took hers back home and ran it over to her. Now my kitchen smells of unfarted farts, which I have decided is what uneaten Mexican food tastes like. :-/

I was on my 7 mile walk this morning and on the way up a hill the following songs came on: Mr. Hankey [The Christmas Poo] and then America: F**K Yeah! I started laughing at "squeeze him 'tween yer festive buns!" and then was howling (and singing along, loudly) at "Sushi! [eff yeah!] Taco Bell! [eff yeah!] Fake tits! [eff yeah!]" and making Pommesgabels at cars at they drove past (lml -_- lml) and just had to collapse on a park bench until the laughing passed. Good times. My neighbors must think I'm some weird crack addict that roams the streets. Lol.

Last night I made a Thai dish from a new cookbook I picked up and man, was it TASTY. And even though it had the ubiquitous fifty million items in the sauce (okay, 5) it came together really easily. We had it with steamed rice and black bean + garlic long beans. Mmmmmm.

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I have a headache. Time to take out these contacts. And these eye balls. (I have my mother's eyes. Shh, don't tell anyone.)
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