December 31st, 2010

Happy New Year!

Climbing out of my hole to say:

HAPPY NEW YEAR! If you're on the other side of the globe from me, at least. If you live where I do, then wait a few hours and read that. IT'LL BE LIKE I'M RIGHT THERE WITH YOU.

I have many things to write about (lol, not really, just me going "HEY GUYS, GUESS WHAT I DID TODAY: LAUNDRY. GUYS, GUYS, GUESS WHAT I DID NOW? DISHES!") but it'll have to wait until the new year. Tonight I am starting up my old tradition of Cards and Booze at my place because for new folks that don't know, I will not drive on NYE. Too many people I've known/worked with hit/killed by drunk drivers.

WHICH LEADS ME TO THIS: GET A CAB TONIGHT. Just do it. Do not drive if you've had booze in your system, no matter how barely buzzed you think you are. 1) you're impaired, 2) you'll be on the road with other impaired people who think just like you, and 3) cabs leave your mouth and hands free for back seat make outs, there is no bad there! HAPPY NEW YEAR INDEED. :)

I'm introducing my neighbors to my family's card game (other people might play it, too, this is what we play in our family, and how we play it, so I don't need to hear how you do it differently, you'll just confuse me) and have printed up a rule card and laminated it and have a deck of cards for them to take home as party favors because I am the hostess with the mostest. Lol. We're also have duck sliders (yay hunting season! I can have red meat again! Yes, duck isn't red meat, technically, quit riding me, you get my point) and salmon crudities and champagne punch and goat cheese and homemade crackers and a bundt cake and GENERAL FUN TIMES.

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BE SAFE! HAVE FUN! ENJOY THE CALENDAR WIPE! Let's all step it up in 2011 and quit the slacking shit of 2010, shall we? Ha. BE SAFE! BE WELL! BE HAPPY! Imagine I'm hugging you and giving you a loving bump on the shoulder!

<3 <3 <3