January 3rd, 2011

Mike Teevee wants nachos [iconzicons], go make me nachos

I THINK I FRIED MY BRAIN. Keep reading, you'll see.

HELLO, YEAR ELEVEN. So far I've been puffy-faced from allergies and flabby butted, so I've got a gimlet eye on you. A GIMLET EYE.

I did work out today, which is good for me because I was one lazy chica this holiday season. I mean in regards to working out, because it was non-stop family, teenager angst, house work, putting up decorations, taking down decorations, cooking, blah blah blah. You know what I'm not doing today? Cooking. Or laundry. Or washing. Those aren't dust motes you see, those are my stink motes. LOL. I'm totally going to start a ska-Tejana-fusion band and name it Stink Motes. There will be an accordion, and I will feature a jig doll, because I'm classy. No balancing sticks will be allowed at our gigs, but you can mosh.

I'm filming two shorts on Wednesday, so this is when I begin to panic and realize that I'm going to be on film, with flab, because I didn't work out and because I ate forty pounds of fudge. Okay, it was only 38, but you get my point. They're a kind of screen test for a feature length film, so that's why I'm panicking. Blah blah, I'll be fine, but you don't know that. What if the camera picks up my stink motes? SEE? YOU DIDN'T EVEN THINK OF THAT, DID YOU. Some friend you're turning out to be.

...hi, new folks, welcome to Crazy Town, population: Me.

To continue this post of non sequiturs, I would like to complain about and laugh at True Blood for a bit, but I'll put it under a cut in case there's one person that worries about being spoiled for crack cocaine in television form. Collapse )

I totally slacked off on New Years Day and didn't make my tamales, so guess what I'm doing today? Listening to Oye Como Va by a STEEL DRUM BAND (plus other songs, but that's the key to getting me grooving) and rolling up doobies of meat. MEAT AND CORN MEAL, the greatest of the doobie brothers. Chile powder, keep on rolling, Wild pork tamales gonna keep on flowin' in me, Cumin, garlic, secret thingy, goin' in my masa, gonna keep on eating {they're free!}

I may have just had a stroke, someone check on me in an hour, please. HELLO NEW YEAR, I AM BRINGING THE SPAZZ.

[ETA!!!] I completely forgot to post a picture of the most AMAZING CHRISTMAS THINGY EVER. I'm looking for my camera cord, will upload in a minute. TO BE CONTINUED HERE IT IS. Collapse )
Shut Up


Friday Night Light spoilers about Tim Riggins are all over my damn flist! Well there goes my enjoyment of catching the whole season now. >:(

GUYS. Some of us don't know where he is *cough*Iwontsaymoreforotherswhohaven'tbeenspoiled*cough* and don't appreciate finding out in recs, etc.


Yeah, yeah, I know I'm behind on watching that show, but good lord. [ETA] I'm not talking about things behind a cut, because that would be my own fault. (I didn't want those awesome folks that are great about putting spoilers behind cuts to think I was being pissy about that, too, because that would be ridiculous of me.)

ION, Chicken lady on Hoarders tonight. My house will be SO CLEAN, OMG. 200 chickens. IN HER HOUSE. (Do y'all have any idea how damn filthy chickens are?) This might top that weird spoiled meat/raw meat eating family from Iowa you guys. I WILL REPORT ON THE MONSTROSITY TOMORROW.

...and yeah, I'm being spammy but that's because y'all aren't and this space needs to be used like your mom.