January 26th, 2011

devastated [guilty icons]

Place to talk about last night's SouthLAnd - SPOILERS AHOY

If you haven't watched, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE scroll on. I know some people don't care about spoilers, but this is one time when it really takes away from the gut punch ending if you're not surprised.

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EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING THIS SHOW. As brunettepet says, it's a Master Class in acting, directing, filmmaking, and writing.
Jwoww OMG lolz

Jersey Shore recap, the one where Snooki gets arrested

I almost said the one where Snooki is drunk, but realized that it wouldn't clarify a thing. Next one in the morning, just in time for a new episode!

If you missed it, or just want to catch up, the Season Premiere's link, and episode 2's link. Goodness knows you wouldn't want to miss a thing. :)

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This is what you get when you won't talk to me about Southland, people.