February 1st, 2011


Big Love is Shrinking Love + proper salsa verde enchilada recipe

Guys, I caught up on Big Love yesterday and I have a big "meh" growing, even though there are some good things happening. 1) it feels reeeeaally forced in a lot of ways and 2) it seems like it is a midget practicing witchcraft away from being Passions. Oh, that there was a magical midget on this show. And of course the religious stuff they got wrong (or off in places) just bugged the hell out of me.

Lemme 'splain. (And for new folks since the last season of Big Love, I am a former Mormon, my ex worked for Merril Jessop - he runs the YFZ Ranch in Texas, and my family was one of the first "out" polygamous familiess of SLC under the leadership of Brigham Young. Hit my "polygamy" tag for further reading, if you're interested.)Collapse )

Ok, enough of that malarkey. I made the hands-down best chicken enchiladas with a sour cream and salsa verde sauce of my LIFE. For Texans: they beat Chuy's Enchiladas Suizas, imo. They are the benchmark for that style of enchilada in this house. Collapse )

We have a snow day today, and maybe tomorrow, too. I might need to create some projects for these knuckle heads to keep them out of my hair. (We have ice outside, not snow, so it's not like it's fun out there with the 40mph winds. BOO.)
dweebs [mediocrechick], NERD ALERT

1nt3rw3b g33ks: HALP.

So say I have a website with a page that updates with every post I make. Yay! Now say that I want to make a secondary page that ALSO has posts that update just like the main page, but a different topic.

...is there a certain plugin for this? (I use Wordpress, if you need to know.) Am I trying to divide by zero?

Also, I am super happy that my town has buried power/phone/cable lines. 3 inches of ice on my front porch and on all the trees.

Also, here is an epicly awesome picture of Russia's Greatest Leader to make you want to help me.