March 11th, 2011

BSGian Rhapsody [prettybutt]

Un-sorrowful things for a break in your day

IDK about you, but when tragedy strikes the world, I have a tendency to shut down and get too caught up, so here are things as an emotional sorbet, should you find (like me) that you need one:

1. I may or may not have heard a few of the songs from The Book of Mormon: The Musical and can I just say that Trey Parker and Matt Stone are my all-time favorite people EVER. Brilliant. Perfect. Hilarious. Not mean, if you can believe it! I wouldn't have cared if it was or not, but it's even better knowing that they're teasing Mormons, but in a sweet "we love you!" way. No, really. [ETA] I have never wanted to see a show more badly in my life/. Uncle F*kka funny, REALLY.

2. The kittens are curled up in a fur pile in sunshine, grooming each other. <3 It'll turn to ATTACK! any second, but for now, aww!

3. Kassie wrote up Southland from last week and this week (the finale) and you need to go read them and discuss with me. HOLY CRAP. That is amazing tv. Not to mention amazing characters. If you love strong female characters: you should be watching. If you love Bromances: you should be watching. If you love strong, gay men that aren't defined by their sexuality: you should be watching. If you've ever been to LA: you should be watching.

4. This resurgence of Mormon culture in the media (let me believe it's true, please) has me wanting to dust off my manuscript and try again (after fixing problems. Feh.)

5. I also have another idea for a book that I think would be hilarious, and credit will go to nothingseasy4u if I get it published.

6. Monday I will be going away on vacation with the Mr. to celebrate our 10th anniversary (back in Jan, but this is when we could travel) and it cannot come soon enough, CALGON TAKE ME AWAY. <-- dated reference FTW! We'll be back Thursday night. (Napa/Alexander Valley - YAY WINE.)

7. There are FLOWERS in my garden! Blossoms! I was so ready for gardening chores (pruning, etc.) yesterday that I futzed with the MULCH just to be out in it. Yes, I'm a dork.

8. Today is my Bro in Law's birthday, he's wonderful, and he's celebrating my going to SXSW to watch a movie he and I were in, WUSS, and if you're in Austin, you need to go see it. Currently it's being hailed as one of the top 5 must see's, so that's pretty awesome. (I have more news to share next week re: movies, but have to wait for Official Word.)

9. IT IS FRIDAY. Hooray weekend! <3