March 21st, 2011

Tim Gunn is concerned [make it work]

Back home, picked up the flu

I had a great trip out to California (even though I got seriously tired of people being outright dicks to my husband and I when they heard we were from Texas. Really? I'm here trying to buy things from you and you're going to insult me to my face? Guess I won't be buying from you, then) but met enough really super people that it (mostly) washed away the bad taste of the few that were Turd Fergusons.

(Note: I don't care what your thoughts are on yaoi or Texas. It's my home. Just like I wouldn't come to your home and insult it because I'm all weird about having manners and decency like a lame-o.)

Came home to sick kids, nursed them back to health, and then was rewarded with a head filled with liquid anvils, shivers, fever, and aches.

So I'm going back to bed. Updates with pictures, recs, etc. to come tomorrow - I mean, come on, we went to Endor! :) Gotta share that stuff.

Oh, and for those that follow, Big Love's recaps are updated, and there is a new Spartacus recap as well by Liz. Show her some love!