October 17th, 2011


I lived the old Army motto this morning.

I didn't ask, and I didn't tell. Wait, that's not the right one, I did more by 9am than most people do all day. And now I'm ready for my nap.

CAN WE TALK ZOMBIES MORE, GUYS?! Because I watched every minute of the marathon yesterday, the premiere last night, and then read THIS AWESOME RECAP/DISCUSSION POST this morning, and I want you to, too, and then let's talk there, because that girl needs some boosting, for she is new to the whole writing/internet game. (Let's support fellow writers, yeah?)

Then I had to come off my high by listening to the Real Housewives of Jersey squabble, and it's official. I'm done after this season. I stuck it out, but life is too short, and I'm just over all of them. There's no joy in Mudville. I'll see it through, and then nada.

I started the laborious task of cleaning out my garden for the winter, and man, there was a lot of stuff that didn't die in our record-breaking summer of heat and drought. And it's called Bermuda grass. (Weeds, too.) I let everything go fallow this summer, because I didn't fancy dying of heat stroke, and I am paying for it now by having a lot of weeding to do. I filled a 50 gallon barrel with weeds. And I literally only moved 5 feet. For new folks: I have about 1/3 of an acre of garden space.

My hands are aching. I just can't bring myself to hire gardeners, though. They just don't know how to do it my way, zomg.

This is the lamest post ever, sorry. EXCEPT GO TO THE ZOMBIE LINK AND TALK!!! (I need a brownie today, I think. And I still have my workout to fit in. *cries*)
using the gifts god gave me [iconomicon]

I'm not egotistic, I'm a masochist.

I changed my user name recently to reflect my good natured spirit (lol) about an anonymous comment directed at me, and didn't think it through. I got an email from LJ (approval for joining a comm) and it read:

Dear Talented & amusing ego-maniacal shit-heel:

I blinked for a second trying to figure out why LJ hated me, and then started laughing. Also, I've been out in the sun for two hours pulling weeds and trying to not be attacked by bees, and am possibly dehydrated and sleepy. I think I like getting hate mail from an automated source. It'll be good practice before Weyland-Yutami/Cyber-Dyne rise to power. Keep me vigilant, you know?

Ha ha ha. I really really don't have an ego, I promise. Now everyone tell me how good I look and how I changed your life for the better! Lol.

(Also, the server issues at HDJM are 100% resolved. An entire region went out, not just us. Fleurgh. X-Factor and Project Runway are also up today, with another PR coming shortly. Boardwalk Empire later this afternoon.)