November 8th, 2011

Homer: tv lover [by who?]

Hiding from the internet, it's a MINE FIELD OF SPOILERS

I had to remove a few comms from my feed yesterday, because even the TITLES are spoilers. COME ON, KIDS. Come on! I'll add them back tomorrow, but ffffffffuuuuuu!! I hate knowing what I already know. SIGH. [/First World Problems.]

Speaking of FWP, Hoarders last night! Here is the recap (I'm waiting on further information from Matt and Dr. Pfeffer.) Judy got my back up the minute I saw her. I fully cop to it in my recap, though. Sometimes it's really hard to stay neutral, guys. Especially when a parent blames an 8 year old for CPS taking them out of the house because of the filth. "Her room was always a mess!" NO, LADY. NO.

Boardwalk Empire also went up yesterday after I'd signed off, so be sure to check that out, as well.

Did you miss the mention yesterday about our AWESOME MERCHANDISE AT OUR STORE YESTERDAY? And how we have things from bumper stickers and water bottles to cool shirts and iPad covers? (If you want one of the designs on something that isn't showing, ex: you want Walt from BB instead of Banner Girl, just say the word.) Did you know that every dollar goes to not me, but the writers/staff? In case you hated me and didn't want me to succeed, I just put that there for your edification. :D

Holidays are coming up, how better to show your Peepaw how much you love him buy buying him a Klaine-inspired T-shirt. Or that favorite teacher for your 6 year old, she'd love to get a Breaking Bad "Meth-y" t-shirt! THEY WOULD LOVE IT.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills should be up in a few hours, I have to get my workout in, and then I'm spending the day with some firemen (story, not real life. It's best for everyone if I'm not allowed around those men in their break aways, rawr.) I'm just under 50,000 words on this Klaine AU. WHAT THE WHAT. Oh, there's loads more to go, too. If only I could channel this into, you know, finishing my book. *siiiigh*
dating, carbon 14 nerdjoke

No big, Matt Paxton just said he's in love with me.

By which I mean that he said he loves Hey, Don't Judge Me. Same thing, okay!?

Also, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recap is up! They had a seance, which is hilarious to me, I can't help it.

The Seance!
Kyle calls Brandi, making sure she knows she’s invited. Oh, that’s nice, Kyle, you’ve learned. While she’s getting ready, Taylor stops by to cry about Lisa being intimidating and direct, and Taylor hates that and Lisa is telling everyone in school that she got her period all over her pants in Science class and she doesn’t have any friends, and her dad is a junkman and no one invite her to the slumber party, omg.

So damn childish. But then, the whole night is basically a grown up version of “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board.” Kyle tells her to buck up, little camper, and stand up for herself. Also, she has an entire night to prepare for, so…. Bye!

Taylor tells the camera that she’s worried about tonight, because they might make the ghosts mad. I JUST DON’T EVEN KNOW, YOU GUYS.

kay-o, I'm logging out to write dirty Klaine porn for flaming_muse.