November 17th, 2011

verdant, moving waters, moss for my tootsies

There is no mention of cocaine in this post.

only in the one before it.

Ringer's recap is up (our author was dealing with family issues, so please know she's awesome for still coming to work) and I love how that show has finally started it's slow build and is picking up steam.

And flaming_muse has dealt with the controversy of this week's Glee episode by writing a really thoughtful fic, OUT. Spoilers for the episode, obv., and deals with implied homophobia. This is why she's my favorite writer in that fandom. Well, and everything else she writes.

(catch up here, if you'd like - great discussion in comments and please, let's keep it civil and buck the internet trend)

I just did an hour and a half of yoga and want to flop on the floor for nineteen hours. *cough* I may have extended a few of those water breaks, oy.
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Stop what you are doing. Read this story that was written two months ago and has a shameful lack of comments. There were 5. FIVE when I read it just now.

It is gorgeous, it is painful, it is about Santana [GLEE] trying to come to terms with being gay and being in her family and needing to be what is expected of her and oh, the ending. OH, HER ABUELO!

UM, YOU KINDA DON'T NEED TO BE IN GLEE TO GET THIS. It probably rings crazy true for a lot of you, I'm just saying. (And all the hugs, btw. All of them.)

Really. In a fandom that is filled with (I'm sorry, but it's true) a lot of poorly written fic, poorly characterized protagonists, and things done just for the sake of the hit count, this is the kind of thing that should be read.

"Brittany makes her happy. Brittany fills the holes that Santana has managed to gouge in herself, or that other people have gouged in her. Brittany curls around her and is like oxygen, so fucking necessary to keep breathing, and it’s completely separate from the fact that Brittany is legitimately beautiful. She’s beautiful on the inside, and Santana can’t even bring herself to temper that with anything sarcastic. She just is. It’s like she’s scrubbed clean internally, like her soul is totally untouched and unmarred by everything that sucks about the world, and loving her makes Santana feel better about – everything."

And this isn't even the point, it's just a snippet to show you why you need to read it.

Five comments for this? FIVE? *whip crack* You want to read good stuff? Encourage the writers that can give it to you.