November 30th, 2011

I would fite but Iz too sleepies, imperial walker vs. kitty

Whine Wednesday

I am a complete baby when it comes to sleep, I'll be totally up front. I usually get 7 hours, 7 solid hours every single night. 8 is better. 6 is challenging. I didn't go to bed until well after 1am and then was up at 6 and I want to diiiiiieeeee. Not really, I want to sleeeeeeeep.

Last night as the last child came back (they always come back) from running around the neighborhood, I pressed the buttons to close the garage doors and the one behind my car gave a godawful thump/crumpleSKREEEEEEEE before I could push the release. It jumped the track and warped and twisted into a big mess and is now blocking my car from exiting. It was one of those standing there with my hands in my hair and mouth open moments. FUN. So hopefully I can get a repairman out because otherwise I AM TRAPPED. O_O

It was a hit or miss episode on GLEE last night (Klaine moments! Cooter/Sue moments?) but the recap is up, and the cocktail is REALLY TASTY (I broke my "no alcohol during the week" rule when I started back on P90X to make sure, so come on. Make my slowed metabolism worth it.)

I have P90X and TurboFire HIIT to do today, because I'm insane. Also, I miss being in fighting shape. Because I wanna fight. Put me in, Coach! I am now insane from lack of sleep, I hope you're happy, Science. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

WAIT. I wanted to put a rec out there before I go back to sleep. Why don't you have flaming_muse on your flist yet, if you love fabulous fanfiction? It's really your loss. She wrote a fic that was posted yesterday, and it deals with Kurt explaining why he's never serenaded Blaine (have you noticed? She and I have.) As always, it's utterly wonderful and filled with lovely emotions and visuals. "I Want To Tell You," PG-13.

ALSO. Dear NaNoWriMo. I totes should have signed up this year. Without counting LJ, FB, Twitter, comments, emails (and there were a lot) OR MY BOOK THAT I'VE BEEN EDITING, (because I didn't have a before/after word count to keep me honest, so I'll just dismiss it right out) I have a monthly November writing total of, wait for it, 122,122. So. I'm kinda proud of me. Even if I have nothing to show for it.

Okay. NOW I am going to wander around with my clothes on inside out looking for coffee.
reading [iconzicons]


I have been sobbing off and on for the past few hours reading this series, Lovesong by preciousmellow. Um, angsty as all HALE, but holy shit is it gorgeous and painful and so accurate, and I just whined a little typing that and wiped my eyes AGAIN.

Blaine has been horribly injured in a hate crime, and is damaged. Severely. Kurt cares for him. It's awful and painful and hopeless and loving and hopeful and god damned romantic and good lord, I didn't read it when it first started popping up because I thought, "Brain damaged Blaine? Uh, no thanks."

I am happy to say that I'm a complete idiot. You don't even need to be in the fandom for this one. If you have ever been a caregiver, you're going to get it. If you've ever been cared for you're going to get it.

BRB, crying more. (All chapters are linked, thoughtfully so, and the time frame jumps around, but it DOESN'T MATTER. Srsly, not since The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot have I sobbed over a story like this.)
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