December 29th, 2011

Darren Criss UNF

Fic Post: And I Hear It's Good For Your Skin, Too (Klaine AU, R)

Author: Stoney
Title: And I Hear It's Good For Your Skin, Too [One-shot] [...probably]
Rating: R for lascivious thoughts, lol
Warnings: You're going to want a massage after this. You should get one, they're boss.
Word Count 5100+
Summary: Blaine Anderson wins an office pool and gets a massage. Hey, guess who his masseur is? Blaine kind of gets into it. A lot.
A/N: This is to put a smile on my lovely flaming_muse who had her first PROPER MASSAGE today. Um, I'm guessing she didn't have this experience. But if she did, I would like to book an appointment at her spa ASAP. Shameless massage shenanigans within, unbeta'd which - I know, I know, shame on me.

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Forever Wine Glass

FOLGERCEST. I need to say more? I mean, I will, but still.

Because girls - lessee, who was into this with me back in the day, DT, K, Sal? THERE WAS FOLGERCEST FOR YULETIDE.

Almost 10K words, A Home For All Seasons. (The tiny dig at Folgers being shit coffee is hilarious to me, btw.) GIRLS. CLICK. Just click. (IT'S DARK. That's all the warning I'll give, okay?)

ION, I have gotten so excited about a new fic that flaming_muse is starting, and if you're not following her and reading every damn thing she writes, then you are not a member of the Glee fandom, I'm just saying.

Also, I wrote a story over the past few days that made me cry and made my husband cry and it's about a homeless man and somehow it's tied in with the Fireman AU I wrote, and I don't know, I've been very, very sick for two weeks? Lol.

I've read a ton of fic today, keeping my promise to The Mr. that I wouldn't do anything strenuous so I can be fully recovered by NYE, and good god, don't people read their stuff out loud? So many misspells, so many weird things (bad characterization, overwrought ridiculousness) and I feel like an asshole to hate on fics that everyone is loving, but they're SO BAD. And it makes me look at people askance. Well, more than usual.

I am drinking wine for my dinner, which I started at 4:45pm CST. Look, it's been a hard holiday season, okay? (Atlas Peak, Cab Sav, delicious as hale.)

OH, LAST THING. If you've done, are doing a Year End Meme thingy with everything you've written, feel free to drop a link here for me and anyone else clicking through. regala_electra posted hers today and I'm in the process of putting everything on my Kindle for late night reading (I'm sure I'm going to love it, I don't even need to sweat that) so if YOU have one, GIMMIE. I'll probably post one because I'm needy this week and want to talk. LOL.