December 31st, 2011

Happy New Year!

2011 in bullet points

Fic, film, stuff, navel gazing. All in all, a pretty good year.

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  • The best things ever: after trying for almost 2 years, I launched a website that I am damn proud of. I have writers that give their time and talent for nothing more than your praise (and mine, I'm a pretty good boss, lol) and we get about 600,000 hits a month now. Not too shabby for only having truly been "live" since April.

  • I made a deal with flaming_muse to pay attention to everything she does and tells me, and I think I have grown TREMENDOUSLY as a writer as a result. It helps to sit at the foot of someone that knows what the hell they're doing (and can push you in a way that makes you determined to do better. That's the best thing of it all.)

  • My family is healthy, we love each other, we have inside jokes and laughter and drama and problems and in the end, not one of my children ever leaves the house without being told that I love them. And they still hug and kiss me, too.

  • LJ is wonky, it's been attacked, and I'm still here.

  • I had an amazing trip that will go down as one of the best of my life with one of my dearest friends, dovil, visits with old LJ buddies, found a kindred spirit in my own home town, and drank a ton of wine.

  • My husband loves me, I have a roof over my head, and my sister is close enough that I can have lunches with her and be reminded of how lucky I am that she's one of my best friends.

Pretty good year, over all. Hope it was for you, too. <3 AND GET A CAB TONIGHT. PLEASE. I expect every one to be back on Jan. 1. *stern motherly look*