February 27th, 2012

TWD:Stinky Pits, Daryl Dixon armpits

Who wants to come entertain me today? + FIC RECS!

I will feed you if you can keep me distracted enough to get my house clean. I spent the weekend in bed, sick, after taking care of the other family members that were sick, and now the house is a partial wreck. Fleurgh. So if I haven't replied to you, please know that it's because I was buried in a mountain of tissues and blankets.

I'm trying to figure out how to add code to a WordPress theme so I can push a plugin from an advertiser under our header, and it is proving to be too l337 for me. If anyone is proficient that that particular type of code, hit me up and win my heart for ever.

I have been writing this angst-ridden fic for what feels like forever (okay, almost two months) and I am SO READY FOR HAPPY FUNTIMES, man. There is only so much angst I can pour out of my head before I'm ready for goofy/dorky type things. I think once I finish this, I need to get back to something like Stallioncrest, which has been on the back-burner for EVER and it still makes me laugh when I go back to the shooting script, and my sculpture buddy keeps asking me to get on it so he can start making horse legs (so we can frame a shot with a horse getting its face slapped by the other horse, ahahaha) and I saw a moment on the Oscars last night with Jeremy Irons, and THAT IS RANSOM PAYCHECK'S VOICE and HEE.

Guys? I don't care, that shit is funny. Soap opera. With horses. I have GOT to get on that so it will be finished in time to submit for Slamdance next festival circuit season so I can have it done. *collar tug*

I need a music playlist of Epic Dancy-ness to keep me motivated. And then naps.

IN HEY DON'T JUDGE ME NEWS: Spartacus! Merlin! Walking Dead will be up later tonight, our recapper had a work emergency. (And hey, the more you talk on your blogs/social sites/etc about HDJM, the more advertisers we'll draw and the more I can pay these girls so they can reasonably make recapping their #1 priority! IT IS A WIN/WIN. :D ) Thank you for your continued support there, by the way!

Okay, laundry. Or maybe some Tumblr... No, no, LAUNDRY. [ETA] Nope, fic. Which I am now reccing to you: post Glee 3.14, so spoilers for what that episode was about, by out_there lovely, achy, well characterized. Go and leave feedback (on AO3)

ANd then flaming_muse goes and does this little bit of freewriting about what it means to be a man to Blaine Anderson (NC-17) and it is GORGEOUS. Please, please read and praise her so she'll keep putting things like this in the world.
Santana loving wink, Santana saucy wink

FAIL on my part

to mention two things. One, thank you to wesleysgirl, flaming_muse and entrenous88 for the dragons - that's always sweet to see when someone goes out of their way to put a smile on someone's face. <3 <3 <3

And two, the daughter of Kathleen (the hoarder with the "specimens") commented on her mother's show's recap to thank us all for being thoughtful and supportive of what the show tries to accomplish. So that whole "I don't know if I can keep the drumbeat going," well, yes I can. Especially after she mentioned that we were the ONLY site she'd seen that showed any compassion. <3

Aww. Makes up for losing the Lacoste print ad today. Wah. Too much gay gladiator buttsex. YOU KNOW WHAT? Guess who buys your shirts, Lacoste. Guess who. Gay gladiators.

I am still in my yoga clothes. I did no yoga today. Slovenly, thy name is Stoney.