April 6th, 2012

fanboy ronald [teh_indy]

AWESOME! It's the weekend!

Happy Zombie Jesus Day on Sunday, errbody that celebrates that, and happy "Thank you for not killing us, O God," if you celebrate that one instead.

And happy "I get to sleep in and not buy extra stuff" day for the rest of us! :D As is the custom of my people, I link you to the Easter Parody song I wrote back in 2006 (and tweaked in '09) set to Michael Jackson's Thriller - because it's a) hilarious and b) it's Michael Jackson.

I'll be posting The Bones of You over the weekend, those following that. Oh! and because it's just been a week of awesome people online being awesome about me (and I would like to remind everyone that I do not really take myself seriously, I am a dork, I admit that, and anyone that has read "Meta Posts" of mine and knows me knows that my #1 goal is to make you laugh?)

Having said that.

Dear Anonymous Person in a hate meme that thinks I am an asshat for how I call myself "an authority*" in my "over the top posts on Mormonism,"

You're right. I am an asshat. For your mom. (SICK BURN)

Signed, me - just some schlub on the innarwebs that talks to my friends and is often shocked that people pay attention. (Wow, you had to answer a Captcha just to say you don't like me. That's...your right. And sad. I was going to say sad first.)

WHEE PEOPLE BEING DICKS, TRA LA LA. note to self: this is what happens when you use LJ's search. So...remind me to not do that.

*I actually refer to myself as the Leading Mormon Vampire Expert; let's get our facts straight.