April 19th, 2012

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Letters to people who won't know about them + recs

Dear People Driving To Work/Jail/Satan/Your Mother's:

I hope that when you saw me catch my heel on a crack in the pavement on my jog today, and how I masterfully turned that into me doing the Roger Rabbit, laughing, and then dusted my shoulders off and kept going, that you laughed.

Because god knows I'm still laughing at myself.
Signed, the idiot on the main thoroughfare.

P.S. You're welcome for not shooting finger guns at everyone in my need to tamp down my humiliation.

ION, Ringer had its finale earlier, and our lovely recapper Janey Ford has her take on it up at HDJM.

Lastly, there is a story I really wish you all would read. It's Glee, but don't let that deter you, the vast majority of my flist. It's about race, perception-passing, being bi-racial and does that mean you're enough of an ethnicity or not at all... And it's just beautiful. There are no slurs used, because the writer is clever enough to make you think without blindsiding you by using the actual ugly words, which I wish more people would be sensitive enough to do, as well.

BENEATH THE SURFACE is one of those stories that's just important and beautiful and thoughtful. Let her know how special this is, would you?

I need mass quantities of food in my face right this minute. TO THE TACO TRUCK!