May 7th, 2012

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It's Monday!

I spent the day with the Mr. playing Skyrim, swimming, and eating fajita nachos. Not too shabby. This week begins a detox - so much junk food has been eaten by Yours Truly that I need to clean the pipes. (Too much? Have I just ruined everything between us? Don't be like that.)

Some important things for you:

GAME OF THRONES recap, holy crap, that episode came hard and fast. (That's what she said) and Jon and Robb are too sultry cute for me. (I'm suffering from a distinct lack of Jamie Lannister, myself.)

And what most of you have been waiting for: THE AVENGERS. It's Sam. She's done most of our movie recaps, you love her, go love her some more. She's hilarious (and please: like, tweet, link, etc. It's a wonderful and FREE way to support us!)

Also at Hey, Don't Judge Me: Touch, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural! And Mad Men, Dexter, The Borgias and more are coming later today as well. <3

Last week I mentioned some suggestions for the site, and got some terrific feedback from you all - thank you for that! I'm terrible at replying to everything right now, but I'm reading it all and grateful for it. (I'm trying to implement new things, etc. It's time consuming.)

Also, I have been so head-down focused on things that I've barely registered that it is MAY. What the... huh? Damn.

And happy birthday to janedavitt and xochitl42, my ex-pat Texan buddy. :)
*headpiano* [mindset]

Second verse, same as the first. A whole lot louder and

"I don't want to nitpick, but..."

No, no, no. You don't want to, so you shouldn't! See how easy that was? :) I'm only thinking of your wishes here, because I'm nice like that.

Dear People That Have Internet People Are Wrong, I Must Fix Them Disorder. (IPAWIMDTD) You can help yourself! See that X in the top right corner? Mouse over, and left click once.

Problem solved!

You have the right to read or not read whatever you like. You do NOT have the right to make everyone talk, think, write, vid, draw, breathe like you want them to. That's actually NOT a right.

Love, Me

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