May 29th, 2012

Darren Criss Sexiest Man

Fic post, (Where There's Smoke one-shot) PGish

Title: Goodbye to the Engine Co 204 Brownstone
Author: Stoney321
Rating: PG-13?
Word Count:
Summary: Engine Company 204 and Ladder Company 211 are moving to a new building. Blaine (with the help of Kurt) says goodbye to the memories, both bad and good.
A/N: I was trying to find a different picture of the Brooklyn fire station I used as a model for the story and found out that it was demolished earlier to make way for a school's expansion and had tiny heartbreak. This is the result. It's...pretty fluffy (a little morose in others, but overall FLUFF).

This is a part of the Where There's Smoke universe.

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