July 9th, 2012

Jason Stackhouse was kung fu fighting

Random tidbits for your Monday

1. I have been in (secret) agony for almost two weeks now, since I threw out my back. And I'm a dummy because I've continued re-grading my landscape (um, that's shorthand for lots of heavy manual labor.) I now cannot turn my head. So yeah, I'm going to quit being a dummy and go see the doctor. Hopefully I'll get some sweet muscle relaxers (and can take them and go to a masseuse MASSAGE, I AM IN PAIN, OKAY? and fall into a blissful coma and live there forever.)

That's how it works, right?

2. I have finally let go of AVG as my anti-virus software. Hello Microsoft Security Essentials, and HELLO FASTER PC, damn. I didn't realize just how much of a resource hog AVG is. So if you're on Windows, I highly recommend it (as does CNET) and it's free. Ah, the magic word for computers.


I laughed so hard. I was waiting for this, ngl. Jason Stackhouse continues to be quality, as is Alcide's body. GOOD LORD, JOE. Be naked all the time, please. I mean, let me love you for your mind...

4. I've reconnected with an ooooooooold (as in, I was v v young when we knew each other) LDS buddy on Facebook, and she and her mother are no longer Mormon. (I loooooved her mother. Nicest woman on the planet, omg.) She paid me an absolutely lovely comment regarding my posts her on Mormonism, and I'm still aglow. It's incredibly validating to hear back from people who grew up in a fundamentalist religion alongside you and know that they agree.

5. I defriended my (former) step-dad off of FB this weekend after he told me "I hate everything you think, I detest all leftists. But I love you." Nope. You hate EVERYTHING I think? But I was just thinking about Harp seals! How can you hate a Harp seal? Also: why am I communicating with you? BAHLEET. Oh, that is cathartic - pruning diseased wood = happiness.