August 13th, 2012

this are my Sirius face, dat's me

Stories of B-Day/My Life Shenanigans for your Monday blahs

In case your day is dragging and you'd like some distractions, I've got a few photos of my b-day party under the cut. I got a piñata! Hee.

[Oh, and for anyone that may have worried about me having Something Dreadful in my Sinuses, I do. It's a cold. =/]

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As one does when they become old and boring (hooray!) I've been thinking on all the things I wanted to accomplish by the time I hit 40 - and how arbitrary that birthday is. It's kind of ridiculous to set up expectations for having ticked off x number of items on your Life Goals by a certain age. Don't get me wrong: I think it's important to set goals. I just don't think people need to beat themselves up for not achieving them by a specific time stamp. (I say this so I don't have a sad, of course.)

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