August 29th, 2012

I care about this particular Alot[affect

Been a long time (long time) I shouldn't've left you (left you) without a dope beat to step to I the only one that remembers that song? Because it was pretty dope. That's what the kids are saying, right? Or is it still fat with a P-H?

1. I went on an audition this morning, something I've not done in AGES.
2. not since my last audition for a movie called "Butter."
3. and guess what movie release was just announced today?
4. and what has an amazing cast? (Hugh Jackman!! Rob Cordry! Ty Burrell!!)
5. and who has two thumbs and didn't get a final callback? (hint: me)
6. But if you're going to lose a part, losing it to Alicia Silverstone is pretty sweet, I guess?
7. (But why were they bothering to audition me when they had HER in the works?)
8. But back to me keeping my "husband" from my delicious guacamole.
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I did get to go first, which is awesome, because the director laughed pretty hard at me (which was the goal, lol) and had my partner change it up, but had me do "everything again just like you did." <-- which means I nailed it. Let's hope I look the way the marketing people ultimately want. LET'S HOPE. internet pls.