September 26th, 2012

relaxation [kushi_icons], garden bed

anyone want to come play landscaper with me for the next several weekends?

Most of my flower beds have been there for 8 years (since we moved in) and are a hodge podge of cottage garden flowers, volunteer plants, plants that ultimately didn't survive the heat from last summer and are pitiful this year, over grown, or I'm just not fond of them anymore. Irises? I'm looking at you.

Plus, I'm over the cottage garden look. I know some of y'all love that, but ugh. It's a) a lot of work, b) it's easy to get messy looking, c) grasshoppers love them. SO. You should know by now how I feel about that last one. I love love love Japanese gardens and French gardens. The first is a carefully cultivated "natural" look that takes years and years and thoughtful planning (and oodles of patience) the second is a carefully cultivated "forced" look - straight lines, box hedges in specific shapes, etc. Order, ja. (Oui!)

My problem: I'm lazy. (Well, I'm not in comparison to others, but compared to Mr. Miyagi's carefully tended bonsai garden of pines, YES. I am lazy.) So I'm creating a look I'm calling "Texas-French." (Pronounced Texas-Frainch.) :D Drought tolerant natives in specific patterns, seasonal color that is specific (pink, blue, white for spring, primary colors for summer + orange and purple, hot pink, buttery yellow, indigo, coral for fall), and everything gets dead-headed at the same time.

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(And the jerky neighbors that always tut tut my garden - they want me to deadhead plants, when you don't do that until FALL, not to mention they're providing food for birds, dummies! Then again, they just have a hedge of box woods tortured into rectangles, so they are clearly idiots - planted a tree to replace the awful one they had before, a Bradford pear. I told them years before that they're bad for our area, they break, split, fall over. Guess what it did? So they bought a new tree, ignored me when I said not to put tree gators on them - seriously, DO NOT USE THOSE, I can explain why in comments if you're curious - and it died in one week. Big, huge, 20 ft tall oak. How the hell do you kill an OAK TREE? Like that!)

But today I am going to lay around because I have a sore throat and feel dreadful. Bah. To the grid paper! :)