November 5th, 2012

TWD:Stinky Pits, Daryl Dixon armpits

Zombie Apocalypse OH MY GOD.

Guys? The Walking Dead was... I'm not going to say ANYTHING in case someone hasn't seen it yet, but GET ON THAT ASAP.

Recap/Discussion post/My freaking out is right here. GUYS. Guys. I'm still filled with adrenaline from that ep.

(I have a serious plea-post that will be coming later, and didn't want to cross these two streams. So bear with me. Well, it's not like your flist is filled up, right? <3)
the boy in his innocence

A Mother's Plea

I wrote this two weeks ago when I came home to find that all hell had broken loose in my family, wanting to find a way to publish it, to get people to THINK about how they treat each other and the lessons they inadvertently teach others, and decided that our situation is dire enough here that I just really need people to think NOW and can't wait for an editor to decide this works for them. I posted this to my FB yesterday and it went "viral" among my friends and their friends. I don't think that's really the definition of the term, but it's nice that people want to share this. :)

And I want you to share this through links. Please link people here to my blog instead of reposting this elsewhere, if you do. I feel that having a concentrated group of comments for kids like my son to read through and know that people CARE will do wonders for them. (And if you know me in RL, please - I beg of you - do not share anything personal like where I actually live or my child's name. We have had people stalking our house to the point where my husband called the police.)

Thank you. It's a little long, but I mean every word of it. (And if you've ever called someone the names I've referred to in this article, or hurt someone, I want you to look at my icon. That's my son. That precious little thing has had all of this ugliness thrown at him.)

Warning: Frank talk of homophobia, suicide attempts, and bullying.

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