April 19th, 2013

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Wanna talk about nice stuff today?

Because I sort of need to talk about nice stuff. (And I bet you do, too.)

So I saw THIS RECIPE for cinnamon pull-apart bread (in muffin tins!!) and about licked my computer screen, and then I thought, "But I really love savory foods, because then I can drink wine while eating said savory foods."

And I have this amazing truffle sea salt I'm always wanting to use. And I thought...make some savory-ass pull apart bread with browned butter and that truffle salt, Self. And I patted myself on the back, because that sounds A+, WOULD MAKE NOW.

But here's my question for you: browned butter and herbs (which herbs? Thyme to match the earthy truffles?) or CHEESE? Too salty with the sea salt? (That was the point of using it.)

Also, I do believe that since it's cold here (why?!?!) that I would like to pull out my cast iron skillet and bubble up some Fontina cheese, roasted garlic and herbs from the garden. AND I COULD DIP THE BUTTERY-HERBY BREAD IN THAT OH MY GOD, DO YOU SEE WHERE MY MIND GOES? To the Cab I want to drink with this, of course.

...I need lunch. TALK DELICIOUS FOODS WITH ME. Or kitties! Or whatever makes you wriggle with delight: GO!