September 7th, 2013

food chain, om nom nom

Wild Yeast is a success! BREAD BLATHER.

Okay, m'foodies n m'bakers, let's talk shop.

I've mentioned in the past my grandma's 30+ year old sourdough starter and how I used to have a chunk of it back when I was a teenager. (I also went on a Mormon Youth Conference trip at the age of 14 to Navoo and bought an old pioneer cookbook that had loads of sourdough recipes, and spent a lot of time making chocolate sourdough cakes, sourdough breads, French bread with the starter cast offs, etc.) I like baking, is what I'm getting at. I've gotten out of the habit, and want to pick it up again. Now that I have the Fancy Sandwich Maker - IT'S ON SALE GUYS - I'm all about what bread can I melt some cheese and stuff on.)

If you're not familiar with the basics of baking, yeast is everywhere. It's just a microorganism that lives all over the place. You can buy it from the store freeze dried or slowed down in chilled cakes, or you can grow your own. Most modern starter recipes have you begin with a package of yeast, water, and flour. FOOLS. That's like filling your sink with bottled water. Here's how I did it, methodology from an old cookbook I dug up.

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And look at this sourdough crumpet recipe!!! AHHHH!!