October 29th, 2013

the coreys, I <3 the 80s

New Subject Line As I can't Do The Strikeout Thingy Here

Now, don't go thinking I've thrown over flaming_muse, who is the best writing coach a girl could ask for. (And cheerleader, and editor, and squinter, and red liner, and friend, and travel companion, and...). I'm looking for someone who is intimately familiar with Anne of Green Gables AND Teen Wolf (Ms. Muse never fell into the Lake of Shining Waters, woe!) to make sure I'm keeping things in character for both worlds on this fic I'm writing. Got it under control, hooray!

If you think you might have interest in this (and can actually read, say, nowish, and not in a few weeks) please let me know! And if you're horrified/not interested, well, please don't let me know! Hahahaha.

ION, my copy of Corey Feldman's autobiography came in the mail today, and it makes me SO SAD. Ugh, Hollywood was about as awful to him and Haim as the world can get to young boys. Super triggery for sexual abuse, those of you who would prefer to be warned about such things. :(

This is why the world needs more Anne Shirley.