December 26th, 2013

Peony Stoney

You ask, I answer #4: How do you keep up with all this sh*t?

Okay, that wasn't the actual question, but it fits the subject bar. :) (And hello! I am alive and mostly well, and getting things sorted now that the holiday has passed. WHEW.) From this post, originally.

redaly asked me: You always seem to have lots of projects on the go: the potential gardening show, stallioncrest, various bits of film work, HDJM. Where would you like each of them to go? Which of them would you most like to see come off in a big way? I actually had a very supportive and excellent conversation with my brother-in-law yesterday about some of these, lifting my spirits enough to want to talk about them.

Growing up my mother used to say, "Jack of all trades," and meant it as a compliment to herself, skipping the essential part of that saying: Master of none. That's how I've felt about myself most of my life: yeah, I can do some things, but I'm not amazing at any of them. You know when you see that amazing pianist, painter, diver, what-the-hell-ever and you're so blown away by their focus and talent? Le sigh and le longing. <-- not actual French.

While I would love to sell Stallioncrest and make a million people laugh (I actually have to re-shoot the whole thing because there were technical issues with the camera, we found out, and blah blah I just do), and I would love for HDJM to be Vulture, but you know, us, there are two projects I wish with everything in me would actually come to fruition: Oh My Heck being a quality read, good enough to publish, and for Mastering the Garden - or whatever name it evolves into - to be on a TV near you.

The gardening show... I know that subject, inside and out, backwards and forwards, and more importantly, I'm not some pompous ass who wants to impress you with what I know. I want YOU to know things. I want YOU to enjoy the process, to understand why things didn't work and get back on that horse. That's the joy for me. Plus, I'm kind of funny at times, and hey, a funny and informative show would be cool, says I. This is also the hardest project to get going, because it doesn't matter that I want it to happen - I need a crew. I need the scripts shot. I need a channel/network to buy it once that's done. So. *shrug* I'm not going to give up that idea, though. It's a keeper. :)

ION, my MiL did NOT serve carrot dimes* on Christmas Eve, so I'm counting it as a Christmas Miracle. I had a great holiday of cooking with my sister, laughing with my family, and having a great hair day. It's the little things. :)

(Thank you for all the emails and messages of love. They really meant a lot to me during a very hard time. But I will also say that I get overwhelmed feeling responsible for getting back to every one in a timely manner, and that's a daunting task. I WILL, but know that I appreciate the thought until you get official confirmation from me in your inbox. <3)

*Carrot Dimes = Satan's nipples. Frozen, cut carrot slices marinated in a can of tomato sauce with a diced red onion, heated through.

Tomorrow's questions include favorite scenes from Love, Actually and my writing process. OMG, STAY TUNED. (lol)