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Random Statements with Bullets!

"Just sense the anointing coming out of me" <-- explained by video below. Heh.

  • Happy birthday to viciouswishes! you cute little blonde thing, you! Nothing's better than a sweet looking girl with a dirty mouth and the knowledge to back it up. *hugs*
  • I continue to love Friday Night Lights and have nothing to say that wasn't said better by brandil in this post. Spoilers for last night's ep.
  • I continue to be amazed that people are into/believe evangelist. This video is the second best O_O answer to what they do with their "hands." Set to "Let The Bodies Hit The Floor." Hahaha.
  • What's the best? The one with Robert Tilton, the Farting Preacher. Tiff? Didn't your friends at UNT make these? Tilton is BY FAR my favorite evangelist. The guy (filmed locally) starts EVERY SHOW with: "The glory of god is profitable." WOW. At least he's upfront!
  • How about a remix of "Baby Got Back" but "Baby Got Bibles?" Oh, and unfortunately, it's not a parody. O_O
  • Had a fun conversation with my dad about how there was no Judas Iscariot - it was Jesus' brother James. This is his kind of recreation, which makes my dad loads of fun. And he's still active in the Mormon church why? :D
  • Tomorrow is Warren Jeff's trial and I will be glued to the TV. Remember how I mentioned on our drive home that the polygamist community at the AZ/UT border was like a ghost town? There was an article about that very thing yesterday. The Plygs are on the move! Crap that it's to Texas.
  • Today I would like fried cheese wrapped in bacon, deep fried and served with cheese sauce and an icy cold coke. Yes, it's been 28 days, why do you ask? I will most likely have some lame soup that's good for me. BOO.
  • More fudge would work, also. That means I have to make some. I'm still in my robe. The dog is sad.
  • Send Midol. Or cheese. or Midol wrapped in cheese.

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