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Monday Lists

Things that are GREAT about today:

It's swmbo's birthday and she's ninety-three and doesn't look a day older than eighty-two! Happiest of birthday's, Swm! A day without a Swmbo is like a day without KITTENS. May your coffee cup never be empty. Unless you want it to so that you can fill it with chocolate or pirate treasure!

  • Waking up super early and getting a jump start on the day (shh. I'm telling myself this is good. I will DEF. be taking a nap this afternoon, so add THAT to the good column)
  • I have found my holiday spirit (I was keeping it in my other pants, evidently) and have shopping and decorating on my day's agenda
  • My Lady Slipper and nun's orchids are getting ready to bloom!
  • I got new furniture yesterday, and I'm excited about buying new throw pillows today, because clearly I need more Sofa Parasites™.

I got a new sectional for my living room, which caused Mr. S and I to move the following yesterday:
  • The old leather sofa upstairs.
  • The old coffee table and end tables upstairs.
  • The new sofa into the house (we got it on a Red Tag sale, so furniture moving wasn't included. Oy.)
  • The new ottoman/coffee table
  • The floor rugs
  • The piano to the dining room (oh holy crap, that thing is HEAVY and has a rusted wheel on the bottom, ugh.)
  • The dining table over to make room for the piano
  • Decide the ficus and Nun's orchid (it's about 5 feet tall, that one) needed to be moved around to accommodate new set up
  • Ditto on the baker's rack with the liquor/bar glasses

My back is SINGING. However, my house is SPOTLESS, because every time we moved something, I cleaned where it was. You could eat off any surface in my house. But if you try it, I'll totally ground you. *zomg, sew tyred*

And that letter I wrote in to the editor? I got a shout out from someone who emphatically disagrees with me.
Jesus' disciples who died for the cause of Christ were all eyewitnesses to Jesus' death and resurrection, so they knew it wasn't a lie. The people Ms. (_my actual name_) names were not first\hand (sic) witnesses to whether there are 72 virgins waiting for Muslim martyrs or a spaceship is waiting to take followers to heaven. That is blind faith.

Jesus' disciples died because what they knew was not a lie.
~Signed, Thickheaded McGee*

*not his actual name

To which I have to say the following: THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS IS NOT A HISTORICAL EVENT. THE WITNESSING OF IT ISN'T STONE COLD FACT, BUB. That is an article of FAITH. Just like belief in Buddha. Or Allah. Or Ra. Or that I'll shut up.

*cue the choir and beam of light* [eta] ooh, and thank you THANK YOU for my cards, a CD mix, and the Super-Bitch iron-on (hee! I have a deep love for iron-ons) from brandil, southernbangel and chantal87! Much love to you all.
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