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"I love the holidays! See ya next Spring, toes!"

Ten points to the subject heading quote guesser. :D I have a five year old with an "owie nose" home today, which should make gift shopping for her today... interesting. (I think she just wanted to stay home and help me decorate.) Guys, I want to talk to you about something serious today. Something that I think you need to understand. Something very important to me.

I'm a hermaphrodite. Man, the promise of juicy gossip got you to click! Hahaha! No, I want to talk to you about TELEVISION and the two best shows you (most likely) aren't watching. WHY??

30 Rock
Okay, you may be scared. Sitcoms are scary places. I mean, "King of Queens" is still on the air. I get it. There's a lot of suck in the world of comedy. 30 Rock is NOT a ball of suck. It's the antithesis of suck. Wait, that means blow. It's AWESOME is what it is. I don't like many sitcoms. I like:
The Office (both versions)
Arrested Development
Action! (one of the best comedies that got axed too soon)

30 Rock is up there, people. It's clever. It's hilarious. It's intelligent. It's really silly. It has Alec Baldwin in the role he was BORN to play. It's written by Tina Fey, so you should support it on the basis of THAT. With lines like:

"You'd never see that on Black Frasier." "Black Frasier? I never heard of that show." "It was very popular on BET. On Thursday nights around 9, 9:15?" There's SO MUCH FUNNY hidden in this. If I have to explain it, it's no longer hilarious. Or:

"You can't kick me out, I love you!" "Too bad, I want you out." "I have squatter's rights!" "Well, which is it? You love me, or you have squatter's rights?" "I don't see why they have to be mutually exclusive."

THIS IS THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG. It's great. Thursday nights, 9:30/8:30 E/C. I can hook you up with past episodes if needed.

Friday Night Lights
What? WHY are you not watching this drama? Are you afraid it's all about football? It's not. Football is a metaphor. Football is an analogy. Is it that you're afraid of a high school-aged drama? There are all ages dealt with. Are you afraid it's too "soap opera-ish?" Because true, it has a serial drama format, but it's not a cheese fest. It deals with things in a raw manner. Like what? Infidelity. Honor. Sex. Our perception of the handicapped. Living down on your luck in a washed-out town. Sex. First love. New jobs. Hospice care for your family members. Sex.

It's good enough to be on HBO. And it's on Tuesday nights at 8/7 pm E/C. Also, please to be emailing me if you need hook ups with past episodes. There will also be a re-run of the entire series on Dec. 30th on Bravo, if you have cable. [ETA] It's moving to Wednesdays on Dec. 27th, so make a note.

*cough* Not to mention the eye candy, the sheer heartbreak of some story lines, the eye candy, and the intelligence of the writing/directing. Also, hot guys in tight pants. WHAT?

I just found a sleeping mask that Emily's now playing with. Would it be bad if I had her wear that in the toy store while I bought her presents? We could play "Little House on the Prairie" with me as Laura (obviously) and she can be Mary after Scarlet Fever sets in! Problem solved!
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