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Remember how we've been talking about crazy presents, bad Christmases/holidays, etc.?  So I didn't ask for this, but apparently I got it juuuuuust in time for the holidays: a main water line break to the house, hurrah!  And all the plumbers are off for the holidays.  We may be stinky and dirty-handed for Christmas...  There may be many dishes needing a'washin'.

Basically, I'm going to be scarce.  There will be staying away from ze hoose so I don't witness all of my plants being creamed/dug up/stomped on while the front garden is ripped up to access the leak.  *cries*  They're just plants.  They're just plants.  They're...  *woe*  I hope everyone has a great holiday - tonight is the last night of Hanukkah, may there be light in your life!  And same to you who enjoyed the solstice.  Happy Christmas, Voo Doo Day, Magic Baby Eve, Holy Hand Grenade Week, etc.

*sends everyone peace and joy and fudge.  possibly tequila.  but only virtual because I'm actually made of skin and bones and flesh and not money and/or time*  SMOOCH!

[ETA]  I have found the LAST PLUMBER IN TEXAS, hallelujah.  But he can't come until tomorrow.  I'LL TAKE IT.  Still with the love and kisses to you all!
[ETA2] Because I can NOT stop singing this song.  Still. Funny.  If this is what you want for the holidays, may you get it.  With a big shiny bow.

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